Well, there’s no denying this is simple.

But it’s also attractive, at least, and one of those rare red-carpet styles that seems like you could replicate it pretty easily at home. I prefer the original look this McQueen was adapted from — the pattern is more special — but on the whole this is up pretty high on the long list of garments Jessica Chastain has put on her body since Cannes last year.

However, at an event later in the week, she wore another McQueen from the exact same collection, and thus with the exact same accessory:

I like this one better — it’s more visually interesting — although it’s worth noting that I believe she wore this to a more formal event, where the dressier version would be more apt. Still, the McQueen stuff is working for her — maybe that’ll be the direction she goes for the Oscars in ten days (gulp). And also, I apologize for the dryness of this post. I just feel tapped out on Jessica Chastain. We’ve covered that I like her red hair and her fair skin. We’ve covered that she works a lot. We’ve covered that she seems nice and that she cried when Gary Oldman told her he thinks she’s a great actress (or if we didn’t, we meant to — Lainey mentioned it back during Palm Springs). I am officially out of new perspective on her, except that she should’ve gone to Fashion Week (though given that she wore Calvin Klein to the SAGs, she actually still might, since that show isn’t until Thursday). We could solve this by going out for cocktails and talking about Viola Davis, and Brad Pitt, and whether Angelina ever acknowledges her, but that seems unlikely. So all I have left to hope is that she takes a massive left turn and spends the next ten days (it bears repeating: gulp) wearing potted ferns on her head and making dresses out of orange peels.

Which one is better?

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  • The original red one she DIDN'T wear (40%, 2,082 Votes)

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