Well, I’ve been staring at the photo in question here for way too long. It’s the second day of posting in 2015 and my brain is already wrung out like a washcloth, which bodes ill for the awards-show exertions to come.

So let’s do this Mad Lib style. Jot down the following and then follow the jump and slot in your words. Feel free to share the ensuing paragraph in the comments. Ready? Okay:  adverb, adjective, noun, adjective, verb, noun, adjective, adjective, noun, verb, plural noun, noun, noun, adjective, noun, adjective, plural noun, verb, noun.

“Hello. I’m Rose McGowan. Dig my [ADV][ADJ] getup? I look like like MC Hammer’s [NOUN], which makes sense, as I am 2 [ADJ] 2 [VERB]. I bought the shirt at Captain [NOUN]’s [ADJ] Leather Emporium and [ADJ] Blousery, and it came with a complimentary crate of [NOUN] just in case my armpits [VERB] like crazy. And I really wanted my [PLURAL NOUN] to look like contraband bottles of [NOUN] in a brown paper [NOUN], all scrunched up like you were just hiding it under your jacket. There is nothing more [ADJ] than evoking than [NOUN]-45, although making it look like you don’t have any knees is pretty damn [ADJ] too. Proportions are for [PLURAL NOUN]. [VERB] that [NOUN], am I right?”

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]