It’s been a while since Rose was on the promotional trail, as she had another baby eight months ago. She’s already had to deploy eveningwear, and yesterday she made the daytime rounds in more casual clothes. This is Valentino, even though it looks convincingly like it could be Banana Republic. I like the design of the skirt very much; wrap dresses or wrap-style dresses do not work on me, and usually I don’t care, but this one does make me wish I could wear its likeness around NYC for, like, a matinee and an early dinner with copious cocktails.

She later changed into this:

Guests at Build Series

That’s by Rochas, and… it’s disappointing. it looks like it was made out of surgical scrubs, and all the flaps for the fake pockets are so distracting. In one photo it looked like Rose was absently trying to put her hands in them, forgetting they weren’t real. The Chloe Gosselin pumps are nice, but if you are thinking, “Wow, that velvet ribbon looks like an afterthought that’s just there to tie in the shoes,” you are correct. The originally modeled version uses a totally different belt situation that I not only like better, but which more convincingly sells itself as an actual piece of the garment:

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I understand wanting to put your own stamp on something, but the original vibe is a lot better.

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