Do you remember last summer, when Celine was in Paris for weeks and weeks and she kept emerging from hotels in amazing outfits looking delighted? It was great fun. She is on tour this summer, and we have not gotten to keep as close tabs on her as we’d like….but Celine, consummate showperson that she is, realizes that we are HUNGRY for La Dion, and she therefore has been — as they say — serving looks on her Instagram. Please join me and behold:

Amazing. Those boots! That ring! She’s clearly angling for a role in Ocean’s 9 and I support that.

Law Roach — whose relationship with Celine is so sartorially fruitful and has brought me, at least, great joy — also understands that we want to see Celine dripping in gold:

It’s frankly not summer without a glamorous caftan moment:

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but it makes me feel like maybe it’s time for another JEM and the Holograms reboot, but JEM has aged, like all of us, and is now a middle-aged bad-ass rockstar queen.

Please behold this suit, which I sincerely covet:

Celine is really feeling Dramatic Boots this summer:

And GREAT suits and fab bags. The use of the green accessories with this yellow suit is just…chef’s kiss.

God bless the whimsical urge to pair the shoes that look most like sexy bedroom slippers with the suit that mostly closely resembles glamorous pajamas:

Celine does NOT fear a pattern, and I love that about her:


[Photos: Instagram]

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