Before the holidays, Rosamund pulled out an Altuzarra bodice with a hint of midriff, and then at the Globes she went with a criss-crossy Givenchy that was really a pretty hideous outfit if you take away the sparkly silver jacket. Those both felt like stepping stones to this Givenchy, which is the closest to a bikini top that she’s done. It FITS, and it doesn’t look bad on her or anything, but it feels more like something you wear to dinner with your spouse in Santa Monica at a restaurant on the water that is way overpriced and smells vaguely like raw fish but gets views of the sunset.

International Watch Company Schaffhausen Gala, Geneva, Switzerland - 15 Jan 2019

This, I think she just made out of coffee filters because her abs are now allergic to fabric.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]