Rooney here was at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2012, which lines up with it being in service of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (she won the fest’s Virtuoso Award and was nominated for, among other things, an Oscar). At this point in her career, she was quite new to us all, but had already begun to establish her patterns: During this awards circuit, she wore almost exclusively black or white — or other aggressive neutrals — with lots of transparency and/or cutouts. Except, of course, for this delicious forest green Louis Vuitton. The hip seams are a little weird because they create divots that look like they want to be pockets, when in fact it already has PROPER pockets in the actual usual place. But the color suits her so perfectly. Back then, we didn’t know how starved we’d be for hues on Rooney. Now, I look at this and think: Please, Rooney, stock up for your eventual return.

[Photo: Getty]