This was another controversial pick, because I liked this Versace dress a lot when Angelina first wore it in 2011, but many people found it matronly. Angie, much like Rooney, was prone to more drab palettes and so seeing her in this dreamy green really perked me right the hell up. Perhaps I projected onto it my love of the color, and couldn’t see past those feelings. If I could do it over, I’d wish for different makeup — stronger lip, less smoky eye — and either for her to tie up her hair, the better to show off the fact that the dress dips in the back, or for her to lean into some real Rita Hayworth hair. She looks too washed out. So for me, I think the whole look is giving me second thoughts, but I stand by being very fond of the dress itself. I think it could’ve worked. It just… maybe didn’t, as well as I allowed myself to think it did at the time. What’s your take?

[Photo: Getty]