I’ve stuck with How To Get Away With Murder, even though it’s confusing and inconsistent and batshit, because I can’t quit Viola. I also love Amirah Vann, who plays her impeccably dressed and coiffed and lipstick’d boss Tegan; I get weirdly excited for all these actors, none of whom were previously well-known, getting to go toe-to-to with Viola all the time. She brings out the best in them. All of which is to say that Viola obviously has a whole lot of career ahead of her, and yet I’m also not opposed to the Rome Film Festival giving her a lifetime achievement award, because you might as well get ‘em while you’re spry enough to enjoy them. As part of it, she did a really nice Q&A session where she defended Marvel (and DC Comics) movies, and talked a lot about how the issue of representation often gets pinned on the Academy but stretches far beyond that to executives and even critics. I just enjoy her so much. I wish the outfit had been a lifetime high. As is typical of Viola, there is nothing really wrong with it — and her head is divine, also per usual — but I don’t think it ends up being very flattering to her bust. The shaping there is a little goofy. She otherwise shimmers, and looks every inch like the focus of the night; I’d just like to rewind and come to Michael Kors in a dream and tell him I have notes.

[Photo: Shutterstock]