Oh, Nicki Minaj. You are a treat.  From the waist up, you look like a totally normal person (who perhaps spends an inordinate amount of time in the False Lashes aisle Sephora, but I’m over there hoovering up the lip gloss, so who am I to judge?):

Like, I feel like I could run into this girl at the bank or whatever and not even bat an eye. Well, I might be like, “are we wearing big huge gold hoops again? Awesome, I totally have some of those somewhere,” but that would be it.

And then she would walk out from behind her desk and SHIT WOULD JUST GET REAL:

Have we learned NOTHING from Blair Waldorf (and the people at Tights Are Not Pants)? TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS.

I’m starting to miss the days when she went out wearing the Muppets.