Rodarte put together a luxe, luscious lookbook for its Spring 2020 collection in lieu of a traditional runway show, using as models various artists who inspire them — people like Kirsten Dunst, whose support put the Mulleavys on the map, and Gabrielle Union and the women of Haim. Frankly, I love this. Rodarte’s clothes are often voluminous and theatrical and fanciful, and seeing them in this context focuses on that artistry and personalizes them, which removes me from the distracting question of whether anyone could actually WEAR them in a real way.

Per Vogue:

“As we’ve become more confident and comfortable in our design voice and really seeing what our personality is within the design world, it’s been really nice to think artistically about creating a world behind each collection,” says Laura of swapping the runway for portraits.

“We wanted to create painted portraits,” she continues, citing the Surrealists and the interplay of graphic colors as references for the Spring 2020 collection. “In the end the images have that quality, not knowing whether or not someone has been painted or photographed.”

Above are the highlights of people we recognize; the full book is on

[Photos: Rodarte]