Either Reese taught Ava everything she knows, or this picture is proof of the power of genetics, because from the waist down they’ve got the precision coordination of synchronized swimmers. (It’s also interesting to me how Ava used to be Reese’s clone, but the older she gets, the more Ryan Phillippe shows through in her face; I actually think she looks way more like him now.) I mostly like Reese’s dress, but she looks a bit shoehorned into it, and the waist detail is like she left her napkin tucked into her waist from dinner. And Ava looks cute, but like she went shopping in mom’s closet rather than buying something new — which is fine and good, and exactly what I would have done, except that SURELY Reese has more youthful stuff kicking around in there. Maybe they should’ve switched.  Maybe that WAS the plan and then Reese was like, “Wait, yours is better. The Oscar-winner gets first dibs!”

Also, is it just me, or is Reese wearing a couple tons more blush than is strictly necessary? And how weird does this movie look? Reese Witherspoon and Michael Sheen split up and she hooks up with a random young dude and then suddenly Candace Bergen is encouraging Reese to let the dude and two of his filmmaker pals LIVE with her? Also, I do realize Nancy Meyers is only producing, and her daughter directed it, but SURELY their affinity for kitchens runs DNA-deep? That, or we’ll suddenly get a lot of really outstanding bathroom tile.

[Photo: Getty]