Ava Phillippe is seventeen now, which makes me think that it’s about time for me to crawl back into my cave with the rest of my fellow crones to discuss how quickly the earth is orbiting the sun, and how maybe we need to get cracking on a variety of spells before darkness truly falls across the land forever. She’s also wearing a dress from a line called Haney, and looks lovely in it, and exactly like both of her parents.  It’s amazing to me how she looks just like Reese but also she looks exactly like Ryan. Her face is like that optical illusion where you think you’re looking at an image of two vases, but it turns out to also be two profiles. Except, you know, in human form and very very pretty. Anyway, good on you, Ava, and I like your shoes. As for Reese, she went for Elie Saab and this is very effective on her. She’s short, so can’t go for anything too overwhelming, but it’s still sparkly and has beaucoup pizzazz. Nicely done, team.

[Photo: Getty Images]