Everyone seemed to think tonight’s go-to was the little black dress (or pants), and I can’t complain about that: the LBD has infinite interesting variations. Including, as you’ll see, a spangly bra-top.

Reese Witherspoon was honored at this event, and her speech was excellent. People has a good precis, but I just wanted to pull this bit for you, in case you don’t have the time to pop over there and read it in its entirety:

“Women want to see every age of a woman on screen, they want to see every ethnicity of woman on screen, they want to see every size and every shape, and — quite frankly — we just can’t see the same films from the same group of people over and over again and expect society to change. And that’s why I wake up every day so impassioned to give more women opportunities to get their stories told.

I’ve had an incredible career as an actress and it’s my first love. I love being an actor. But now it’s become abundantly clear to me that I have a new mission and that’s to do more for others in my industry. I’m determined to create more opportunity for other women and people of color. To help them tell their stories. To encourage to CEOs to take changes on high-level female executives and champion new female voices on film because the stories we tell have to got change. And sometimes change is about something small, sometimes change starts in a room like this with people like all of you.”


The Wall Street Journal also put Reese on the cover of their magazine:


Brace yourself for positivity, but I actually love this cover. It’s so….barefaced. (She really looks like Ava here. Or I guess, Ava really looks like this.) And it goes without saying. I WANT THIS SWEATER. (It’s Burberry and it’s really more a of COAT than a cardigan. A cardicoat? Anyway, the bottom of it takes an intriguing turn that I enjoy.)

[Photos: JOHN NACION/startraksphoto.com, Cass Bird for WSJ. Magazine.]