SOUND THE ALARM: Two-time reigning champ Kim Kardashian has been denied her third crown. The unlikely contender of Jared Leto and his parade of coats — whose archive is a combination of not giving a f*ck and giving every single f*ck he has, and nothing in between — has taken down the Queen, in a 52-48 defeat that cracks this thing wide open again. No more throwing up your hands and saying, “Oh well, Kim’s just going to run away with this thing anyway.” The remaining contenders all have a legitimate claim to the throne, so get ready, because it’s going to get super fugly in here.



(1) Keke Palmer vs. (10) Bella Thorne – Monday
Bella just will not go down, here nabbing a commanding 61 percent of the vote in knocking out Charli XCX — a lower seed, but somehow to me still a favorite in this matchup. Keke got a little bit of a fight from Diane Kruger, but was able to stave off defeat with 61 percent of the vote.


(1) Rita Ora vs. (14) Tove Lo – Tuesday
Rita toppled Gabrielle with 79 percent of the vote, and so La Union’s surprisingly strong Fug Madness run has come to a whimper of an end. Halsey was no match for Tovary Lo, I mean Tove Lo, and went down the tubes 65-35.


(3) Chloe Grace Moretz vs. (5) Jared Leto – Monday
Chloe beat Salma Hayek by eleven votes. ELEVEN. It’s the closest matchup in Fug Madness history, I believe. And Jared toppled the giant, so we might be in for something epic here.


(1) Bella Hadid vs. (3) Emily Ratajkowski – Tuesday
Bella gave Beyonce the heave in her closest match yet; the final was 67 percent of the vote to Bella. So, not a squeaker, but not the margins of the other rounds. Emily played spoiler to The Battle of the Hadids, because she commandingly defeated Gigi, 78-22, and sets up what I think is an equally unpredictable Elite Eight round.