So, this Afternoon Chat is by request of a Fug National and I CANNOT remember what prompted it! If you are that Fug National, and you do, please remind me. I’m sure I bought something random off the internet and was talking about it on Twitter? I just moved: Moving is ALL ABOUT buying random stuff off the internet as a way to attempt to organize your life. For example, I just bought this makeup caddy for my bathroom counter. Will I like it? Will it corral my belongings? WHO EVEN KNOWS. It has a good rating and a stranger on the internet recommended it! IT MUST BE GOOD. Other random things I’ve bought because I saw them on the internet include these silicone food savers that I always forget I own and don’t even know where they are right now, the Huggable Hangers by Joy Mangano of Joy fame (which ARE really good and also the knock-offs are fine too), and a jade roller for my old face (which I just got so it’s too soon to say if it does anything). That’s just off the top of my head. I am VERY persuadable, it seems.

Please share what random gadgets you’ve bought off the internet (or TV, obviously) and if they’re amazing or…you know, not.

Note: like many websites, whenever we link to Amazon, it’s an affiliate link, which means if you buy something we get a tiny amount of money. Now you know!