Apparently, she is promoting a Hallmark Christmas movie she’s in:


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(a) I enjoy this — both the movie AND her very cute, very festive holiday dress. If we cannot dress thematically now, WHEN CAN WE? EXACTLY.

(b) “Ancadia” makes me think that the Hallmark Holiday Movie Writers are STRESSING OUT trying to come up with new fictional royal countries and are now just picking LA suburbs and changing the letters around. (“Ancadia” was DEFINITELY once “Arcadia.”) This is not a ding! I truly sympathize with this very specific writerly problem. So here is a list of LA suburbs and/or neighborhoods with one letter swapped out in case anyone out there needs it for 2021 holiday movies: Altadema, Pasalena, San Tarino, Santa Zonica, West Jollywood (THIS ONE IS PERFECT!), Loyle Heights (this one is also a metaphor, albeit homophonically), Sherman Orks, Zanhattan Beach, I could keep going!

(c) I just really liked Rachel Boston inĀ Witches of East End and I’m still sorry it got cancelled and that her character, if I recall correctly, might currently be trapped in a hell dimension. I do NOT know what you’d wear to promote that, though.

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