There is something amusing to me in the coverage of this event every year. It’s always just pictures of people in cars, and yet Royals Driving To Lunch En Masse is vaguely entertaining; you learn more from seeing people behind the wheel than you might guess. For example, this year’s Christmas lunch proves that Kate’s hair grows extremely quickly, that Meghan loves a pattern, and that Harry looks just as Vaguely Irritated as William does when he’s driving. (Both Meghan and Kate seem very peppy this year, though; I’ve decided that Kate is beyond delighted to finally have a fellow contemporary civilian in the family, and that at some point, she dragged Meghan into the weirdest Buckingham Palace bathroom and was like, “I’ve been waiting to have someone to talk to about these things for ages! Look at the size of this bathtub, Meghan! OH MY GOD WAIT I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS OTHER CRAZY THING.”) Let’s eyeball them!

[Photos: Jonathan Brady/PA Images/, Phillip Toscano/PA Images/, Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock, DAVID HARTLEY/REX/Shutterstock, Peter MacDiarmid/REX/Shutterstock]