Go Fug Yourself: Who We Are, What We Do, Who’s Reading


Founded in 2004 by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan — making it one of the only independently owned sites run entirely by women — Heather and Jessica’s light, funny tone, policies against body-shaming, and intelligent, insightful commenting community attract as many as 25 million monthly page views from the well-read, loyal readers and fashion/shopping enthusiasts who self-identify as proud members of Fug Nation. They are people who not only enjoy leafing through Hollywood-centric publications and fashion-related media, but who do so with a critical eye and a keen sense of the absurd.


In addition to covering the good, the bad, and the fugly of celebrity fashion — always unflinching, but never mean — Heather and Jessica, known colloquially as The Fug Girls, also recap or review television shows and films, interview costume designers on their craft, and create popular afternoon chat posts in which readers do everything from trade book product recommendations, swap horror stories, give themselves props, or bolster each other when it’s been a rough day. They also interact heavily with Fug Nation on various social media channels, and have garnered a strong Instagram following both on their personal accounts and on the nascent Fug Girls account, which at only two months old has already topped 7,000 followers.


Heather and Jessica are also the best-selling authors of the novel The Royal We — lauded by People, The New York Times’ Janet Maslin, and Entertainment Weekly, among others — and the young adult novels Spoiled and Messy. In 2008, they published a book called The Fug Awards based on Go Fug Yourself. And yet their dedication to GFY remains true: Between them, they’ve written every single one of the 22,000-plus posts on their website, and have been published under the Fug Girls moniker in New York magazine and its various online components, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, and InTouch. In 2008, Us Weekly named them among the Top 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers — a pretty big deal considering they live in Los Angeles.




Go Fug Yourself has delivered sponsored slideshows and giveaways, always written in Heather and Jessica’s unique voice, guaranteeing readers the tone and viewpoint they’ve come to expect. Examples:


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