ABC Family’s new series The Lying Gamewhich, like Pretty Little Liars, is based on a book series by Sara Shepard — premieres tonight at 9 p.m (8 p.m Central). It’s about a set of twins who separated at birth, one (Sutton ) who is adopted by a wealthy family while the other (Emma) is in foster care.  When circumstances bring them together, Emma agrees to take Sutton’s place while Sutton searches for their birth parents. But when Sutton does not show up to their agreed meeting time, it appears that she has DISAPPEARED. (Dun dun dun!) And therefore Emma must continue pretending to be Sutton in order to find her sister. But it’s not an easy act to keep up, so although we haven’t seen the pilot yet, we’re pretty sure shenanigans will ensue.

And in the spirit of things that disappear — and shenanigans — we’re running a little contest with this Unfug It Up. Check out Trachtenberg:

And please tell us which part of this outfit you’d magically make disappear in order to improve it. Would you vanish the shoes? Zap the blazer? Eighty-six the shoes? Burn the pants (and replace them, obviously, but in this case not with something identical)? In order to make this extra fun, we’re asking that you please do so in a two-line rhyming couplet. Our favorite will win a $100 iTunes gift certificate! The contest starts now and runs until Wednesday at 9 p.m., PST, so get to it and good luck!