Marion here is standing with her spouse, Guillaume Canet, and if I were a body-language expert for a French tabloid — and who are you to tell me that I am not? – I’d have quite a lot to say about her general physical demeanor in this photo. But she may honestly just be having an existential crisis about the article of clothing that is currently enveloping her lower body. What…is it? It…is….a skirt? IS it a skirt? Or is it half-skirt, and then one long pantaloon? A skirtaloon? (You can click on it to zoom on your desktop.) I…think it’s a pant leg emerging from a wrap-around skirt, but I also keep literally lifting my laptop up and holding it closer to my face to try to figure it out and it’s not helping.

Having said that….she looks pretty cool in it. Whatever it is. If it even is.