I am not watching LA’s Finest, Jessica and Gabrielle’s new show, but I do have an idea for a new project for them. It’s called Day Dresses With Gabrielle and Jessica and every episode is just them each wearing a cute day dress, and someone coming up to them and saying, “I like your dress,” and then they say, “thanks, it’s Prada,” or whatever, and then the other person leaves and then the show is over. Each episode is forty-five seconds long, and you know how when you stay at a fancy hotel, when you turn on the TV, the hotel’s channel is playing and telling you about, like, the hours of the buffet? Day Dresses With Gabrielle and Jessica would be on your TV whenever you turn it on and you could watch sixty-seven episodes of it in a row if you wanted, or just one, before you turned over to watching the basketball. It would be so relaxing.

[Photo: Oscar Gonzalez/WENN.com]