I don’t even know if we’re removing fug, so much as trying to create more fab.

I can’t decide how I feel about the pattern, exactly, but I so appreciate that she wore one that I’m basically happy with it. But somehow the sleeve, though helpful for warmth, pushes it into Way Too Much territory for me. So I’d maybe kill that sucker and then replace the shoes that scream I GIVE UP with something more fun — like, how about a gray, even, or a gray-blue that plays off the subtler colors in the dress? Kat Dennings wore some kind of grey pump in one of her outfits, I think, so they’re certainly out there. Just SOMETHING to lighten up the mood down there. And since she’s petite, I almost might bring this above the knee. I don’t know. Help me, Fug Nation. Or do I not need help, because it should stay as-is? Do I need help for other reasons? I’m so tired. What day is it?

[Photo: Getty]