As ever, it is customary to open any post about Ming-Na to note that SHE IS AGELESS. She is 51. How does she look the same as she did on ER, and I look like a shriveled husk compared to 2004 me, a Jessica made of corn husks and sold to children at farmer’s markets? IT IS UNFAIR.

That out of the way:


She’s a dish, but this dress is just too much and it drags her ever so slightly too far into Tackyville, although I like the color and the idea of it on her:

Sigh. I feel like we need to workshop a word that conveys the feeling you get when you see a celebrity and you automatically know they’re going to end up on the back page of Us Weekly. It’s a combination of affectionate regret, smugness, and surety. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.


[Photo: Getty]