I have notes:

a)  Do we think it’s weird that she’s not wearing Versace to this? Especially given the fact that Penelope Cruz OFTEN wears Versace, and, in fact, perhaps the most iconic gown she’s even worn was Versace (and is still Holy Shit Great, a term I use when…you know, something is so good that it causes me to swear in an unladylike manner).

b) This is Stella McCartney?!?!?!?!!?!?! NOTE: It is custom, which means, I assume, that Penelope and her stylist came in and looked at sketches and were like, “nope, no, nope nope, no. No. OKAY, that’s better.”

c) Having said that, Stella is actually pretty good at custom work, which makes me think that the theory that she may do Meghan Markle’s wedding gown is not actually the craziest theory that anyone every theorized.


[Photo: Brian To/WENN.com]