The other day, I was flipping through the HBOs while working, and stumbled into a conundrum: Pearl Harbor, or Armageddon? Which ridiculous piece of macho Ben Affleck swagger would it be: the brunet who used animal crackers to seduce Liv Tyler before drilling a hole into a meteor, or the gilded fluffy hair plugs and craptastic accent? Which guilty pleasure is guiltier? Most people responded on Twitter that they would have chosen Armageddon, and I get it — I, too, cannot resist William Fichtner hissing that Steve Buscemi has gotten SPACE DEMENTIA — but I have to admit that I went with Pearl Harbor. That movie is a total who’s who of faces (yes, that IS Michael Shannon!), and CRYING and PERIOD COSTUMES and LIPSTICK and SOFT-FOCUS SEX ON PARACHUTES and then Alec Baldwin being kind of greatly terrible and terribly great all at once, and the sunlight glinting off Affleck’s highlights, and Kate Beckinsale’s beautiful distress, and then the cop-out ending… It’s hard to resist, is what I’m saying. So here are some premiere pics for you. Also, I’ve had this tremendous song in my head now for hours:

[Photos: Shutterstock]