Apparently this movie is three hours, which is a runtime that’s roughly in accordance with how long the ramp-up has felt. I have seen… let’s see: All the Avengers movies, all the Iron Man movies (I regret Iron Man 2), Captain America, parts of the second one on a plane and then I’m pretty sure I saw the third, the end of Ant Man on HBO once, part of both Guardians movies before I gave up because they were not my jam, Black Panther, and my favorite of them all, Thor: Ragnarok, aka the only Thor movie I bothered with, and I stand by that decision. So, you know. Of the 34 movies that are being tied up here, I’ve seen a decent portion without actually being a particular Marvel fan. And I will be going to see this one, and I BELIEVE I’m seeing it at this theatre, so I will try to touch Chris Evans for you.

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