This is exceptional. I like to think that Katy’s friend here spent the entire night looking down just like this, because looking right at Katy would cause anyone to lose it. THAT is a good friend, to kindly escort a friend who looks like the extra from a never-finished George Michael video. But she and John Mayer DID just break up, and who amongst us hasn’t reacted to a break up by going out wearing…well, never mind:

Girlfriend, I know you are having a rough time now — later, maybe let’s all of us ladies circle the wagons and have a Women of the World Meeting to revisit the question of  whether or not John Mayer is still Number One on our list of Dudes We Should NOT Allow Ourselves to Become Attached to, Given His Track Record (I think he might be) — but this outfit is NOT going to make you feel better about any of it in the morning.  In fact, we might talk about this outfit in the meeting, too, when we call a sidebar in which we all vote on whether or not we’re going to keep doing this sheer thing for real or if we finally want to stop f’ing with everybody. After said meeting, Katy, you and Taylor Swift can get to work on that duet that ought to be coming in about six weeks, and maybe she can loan you…you know. Some bottoms…and YOU can have a heart to heart with HER about whether she actually thinks she’s turning into a Kennedy or whatever the hell. This whole thing could prove to be an excellent learning experience for ALL OF US!

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