Someone was cleaning out her closet and came across those Valentino Rockstuds and thought, “YES. They’re BACK, baby!” (In fairness, I don’t know that those shoes — so ubiquitous in, like, 2007 — ever really went away, but I do think they’re returning more properly at the moment. Good news for everyone who didn’t sell them on TheRealReal in 2015. This is why I’m a hoarder! [Not that I owned any Rockstuds.]) Honestly, this whole look is totally reasonable and good, which is very relaxing. Sometimes a normal dress isĀ fine, and evenĀ warranted. As much as I am thrilled to see folks racing out of their front doors in She-Hulk pants, so too do I welcome celebrities going places in looks that are, dare I say, SOOTHING.

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