Friends, believe me when I tell you that I hooted with joy when this photo loaded. PLEASE KEEP THIS ENERGY UP, CELEBRITIES! This is what a weary and fun-starved populace craves! It’s like the trousers Lady Hulk would have to throw out after a particularly annoying day in court. (In my imagination, Lady Hulk is a lawyer, although I’m sure that (a) there is a Lady Hulk and (b) she’s not a lawyer and (c) I’m not going to look it up and (d) don’t tell me!*)

This event was actually a photocall for something called Here Come the Boys at the London Palladium, and this is Nadiya Bychkova, who Brits know from being one of the professional ballroom dancers on Strictly Come Dancing, and indeed Here Come the Boys is a big splashy dance show that honestly looks like it’s probably secretly really fun and enjoyably non-challenging. Who doesn’t like to see talented and attractive people dancing?!

*I lied to you and I DID look it up and Lady Hulk IS a lawyer?!?! (Although she’s named She-Hulk, which is not as good.) I’m not going to lie. I’m impressed with myself.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock]