He’s back, he’s pointing at people, he’s wearing a suit, he’s cavorting with adorable children. It’s like someone in the Royal Family’s press team realizes that the key to recouping Prince Harry after Naked Vegasville is just to have him do all the things Fug Nation loves most. Also, perhaps they’ve realized that just running around starkers isn’t exactly the worst thing anyone has ever done. It isn’t even the weirdest thing his immediate family has ever done. Although, in Charles’s defense, he had no idea that his phone was tapped and that one day we’d all hear him tell Camilla he wished he could be her tampon so he could always be in her pants (although if you read the actual transcript of that conversation, he is clearly basically joking. Also, that conversation is equal parts GET A ROOM and also sort of sweet in a weird way if one ignores the fact that at least one of them was still married at that point). Also: Kate looks great.

[Photos: Getty]