Everything about Kelli Garner, who is in PanAm, feels like she time-traveled here from the ’80s:

The haircut, the rise of those pants — even her name feels like something that you’d see float past you in the credits of a teen comedy from 1984 where she played the wholesome but kind of forgettable girlfriend of the second lead dude.

And this is the pose she’d strike in those credits, the B-roll for which would consist totally of candid yearbook photographs, obviously:


Also awkward: honestly, this entire outfit. I shudder to think what I would have written about this back when I was meaner. Instead, I’ll just say this, Kelli: A cropped, sleeveless turtleneck, high-waisted Dockers, and a blazer, all in blazingly dull neutrals, when you’re newly red-headed, only 26, and on a press tour for ABC’s super expensive answer to Mad Men? SOMEONE in your employ needs to get fired. Someone needs to get fired SO HARD.