Now that The Good Fight is ending, I’m beginning to feel ready to watch The Good Fight. (It felt too close to home 2016-2020.) While we’re talking about Michelle and Robert King shows, though, let me put in a plug for Evil, which started out on CBS and is now also on Paramount Plus. It is SO GOOD; smart, legitimately scary, and also Mike Colter plays a very sexy priest. (The Kings are very good at putting Mike Colter in sexy scenarios.)

Plug over! Let’s get to La Baranski — and Audra! And a lot of other people you probably like, like Andre Braugher and Alan Cumming! (Unfortunately, no Cush Jumbo this time, and I believe she and her perfect name are filming a new project in the UK at the moment.)

[Photos: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock, Adela Loconte/Shutterstock]