Her makeup in this photographs better than it looked on the E! telecast, so maybe my office TV is just terrible.

My main concern about this look was that her head felt like it wasn’t styled in harmony with it, as if the cranial plan was well underway before they realized they had to swap out her dress, or something. That’s still a bit of an issue for me — mostly I want to scoop away the hair — but the dress is so gorgeous on her that I’m prepared to forgive it. I even think the fringe ponytail on her clutch adds an element of cool that works specifically with a dress that simple and shiny and sleek, and normally I would be FULL of questions about how you navigate that thing all night. Well, okay, I still am. Specifically, when she has to use the bathroom, does the tassel just… ball up on the floor? Does she try and rest it on top of the TP dispenser and hope for the best? What if she grabs it in a hurry and its strands swing into the lav? I assume someone will ask her all these incredibly important, mature questions. Someday, I want a publication to hire me to stand in the bathroom and ask every awards attendee what part of their outfit is the hardest to wrangle when their bladders are full. The #AskHerMore people will hate that, but you guys, some things are just IMPORTANT.

[Photo: Getty]