Poor Anne Hathaway. When she walked out onstage to present Best Supporting Actor, to the dulcet tones of “I Dreamed a Dream,” everyone at GFY HQ groaned. It’s totally not her fault, and it was — of course — on topic — but you know part of her had to think, “yeah, that song reminds me AND EVERYONE ELSE of when humanity was so sick of me.” And we have not been able to escape Les Miserables, considering that 46% of all figure skaters in the world performed to it this season. Heather and I were in London in January working on The Royal We, our new book (it’s loosely based on Kate Middleton), and even the pianist at the Dorchester was murdering it. You haven’t had tea until you’ve done it to a jauntily rendered tune about a dying prostitute. ANYWAY. I have some sympathy for Anne, and part of that comes from the fact that this reminds me of her Burberry BAFTAs dress from last year but it isn’t as good. Let’s take a closer look

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