BECKS: I’m mesmerizingly hot. It’s like I’m NOT REAL.

POSH: I also appear unreal, sometimes. For example, almost every shot from this party involved me making this pose. Is it me? Or have I given Becks a Mannequin Posh that he can trot out to events whilst I stay home, dressing up Harper Seven and prank-calling Ginger?

BECKS: Your mannequin looks very sophisticated tonight.

POSH: I’m a little worry this looks like a compression stocking.

BECKS: It’s a PERFECT compression stocking.

POSH: Your support is why we’re still together.

BECKS: I could say the same of you.

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  • She looks a hot mess. (6%, 673 Votes)
  • She looks fine, but she could look BETTER. You know? (44%, 4,764 Votes)

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