Louise Roe is one of those omnipresent Fashion Week types where nobody quite knows why she’s famous, but they know they have to take her picture. She is basically a British TV host and sometime model who was on The City, does a bunch of stuff for Style, and is the only person E! has employed since Joan Rivers for on-the-spot red-carpet criticism who actually speaks her mind, which may explain why she only did it for them once. So, even though she harped on Christopher Plummer’s age a lot (which he did too, in the end), I’m okay with Louise Roe having a moment. She seems nice. And she handled it gracefully when Santa Nick Nolte rolled up to her microphone on Sunday — she interviewed people for ABC — and couldn’t understand a word she was saying.

I also really, really love this dress on her. Lots of people popped by the NY Mag  live blog to ask if it was wrong that they liked this so much, and I say no. You were RIGHT. It’s very different — so classy, so well-made, so appropriate, so flattering. Kate Middleton should be sad she wasn’t the Brit who nabbed this first, because it would cut a fun new silhouette for her while also staying true to what the Palace expects (ie, pretty, demure). So well played, indeed, Louise — after all, if we’re all going to have to stare at you awkwardly while Nick Nolte tries to translate English to English, you damn well gave us a nice distraaction.

[Photo: Getty]