This pains me:

It pains me deeply that her pregnancy wardrobe has been so hit-or-miss. She has seemed so sincerely happy throughout this pregnancy — honestly, like a totally different celebrity. Not that I thought she seemed particularly cranky before, but she’s clearly so in a good place right now, and it’s delightful — that maybe she’s just like, “oh, you want me to wear a croptop? Oh, SURE! Why not?” and all, “just a satin bedsheet? What the heck? That will be fun! Whee!” And therefore I suspect she will not care when people are like, “…no, dude, it was actually literally a sheet. He totally forgot to make something for you until the night before. It was like a whole big thing.” Because that is basically the only explanation. I mean, at least this color is flattering on her. Maybe she should invest in some for her actual bed.

[Photo: Getty]