So, I feel like this is OSTENSIBLY very PRETTY:

I mean, it is. It is pretty. Of course it is. But it also feels, to me, like it’s been done a hundred times before, like it’s the dress version of a teen girl on a nighttime soap falling in love with her teacher (hello, Pretty Little Liars [although I deeply love you], Make It or Break It [ditto], Life Unexpected [said plot twist is what made me quit you], Big Love [which is unwatchable this season but I’m sticking it out to the last even though every episode makes me want to punch Bill in the face and then go on a killing spree] and Gossip Girl [which at least did us the honor of sending the dude to jail for sleeping with Serena before he actually did it]). Like: I get why it works and I see why you’re doing it, but haven’t you got something BETTER for me?

What do you think?