Wearing Oscar on Oscar night always did seem like a beautiful piece of synergy, but — although it never disappeared altogether — the past few seasons have been rough enough on the de la Renta brand that it sure feels like it hasn’t been the confection of choice as often. Then the Monse team took over OdlR, where that duo got its start, and turned out a collection that got people thrilled again. (Monse! Of all people.) This custom piece on Brie Larson will only augment the buzz. It’s fit to perfection on top, and gracefully interesting on the bottom. She looks like such a winner that I almost forgot she wasn’t in the running this year.

And if you’re curious about the ongoing saga of Brie Larson Does Not Enjoy Handing Awards To Casey Affleck, I present to you a story in three acts:

Brie Larson and Casey Affleck

She is tremendous.

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