This photo was a total WTF moment for me the first time I saw it.

I’m not loving what the dress is doing to her chest — and I don’t know if that’s a random divot or her navel. But what really threw me was the fact that women often pose on the red carpet with their dresses held out, so I seriously thought Anika was sporting a dress lined with Big Bird.

It is a wrap, so, not a liner. But that in itself leads to several questions: Why? Or, is the random inclusion of sunshiney feathers actually elevating this to hilarious awesomeness? Or is it not hilariously awesome enough, and in fact, the only saving grace would have been if the skirt really was lined with Big Bird’s molted hide?

Phew. At least Anika will be pleased for me that I got through this entire post without mentioning that she’s in the first and last American Idol movie, From Justin To Kelly, in which she is asked to play second — and occasionally third — fiddle to a skirt made of neckties. … Oh, wait. Well, maybe next time.