With Miley, I always feel like the angel of doom — the frequent bearer of bad news, wherein I attempt to cushion yet another in a string of blows by focusing on the positive first. Like, I’m still loving the haircut. Liam Hemsworth is still making that facial expression. (You know the one. It’s… the one. At this point I’d be bereft without it.) Miley’s makeup is great; it emphasizes her eyes so stunningly. And she’s not wearing an acid-washed lady infection, which is happy for everyone who does not make Monistat for a living.┬áBut the dress itself is… not my cup of Earl Grey. I wish it were. Growing up from teen star to rebellious crackpot to mature young lady is not a fun transition to make in private, much less in public, but there is plenty of ground between Xanadu buttocks and Helen Mirren. Although I think even Helen Mirren would have left this on the “no” pile for being too stuffy.

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