Isn’t it nice when the “Oooh” in the headline rhymes more with “Woohooooo” than with “Ewwwww”? I was delighted to stumble upon this picture of Rhea in Palm Springs, looking utterly resplendent in all the kinds of spring colors we might actually get in L.A. this year thanks to all this rain (although I realize I’m able to enjoy it because I live in a place that isn’t in danger of sliding down a hill, and/or is not being evacuated, like certain spots of Northern California — yikes). I might have a note or two about the length, similar to a discussion we had the other day about Allison Williams, but it bugs me less here because there’s so much else going on, all of which is joyful. I want it to adorn my home. I mean, my closet, sure, but also just my living room or bedroom or any room in which I spend an amount of time. I’ll take it wherever. Throw pillows, wallpaper, placemats, hit me with any of it.

[Photo: Vincent Sandoval/Getty Image]