I think we should all consider spending this summer matching our headscarves to our summer dresses for maximum glamour, no?

I also need to express that Ms Lollobrigida’s “Personal Life” section on her Wiki — AKA the best section of all Wikipedia entries — is somewhat amazing. It starts fairly normally and then dives right into affairs, eccentric fun facts, and one personal problem that is highly soap operatic:

In 1949, Lollobrigida married a Slovenian physician, Milko Škofič. Their only child, Andrea Milko (Milko Škofič, Jr.), was born on 28 July 1957. Škofič gave up the practice of medicine to become her manager. In 1960, Lollobrigida moved from her native Italy to Toronto, Canada, with Škofič and their child. The couple divorced in 1971. [This is all very normal for a celebrity wiki. Some dude decides he’s qualified to manage his wife’s career even though he probably isn’t; eventually they break up. – J]

In January 1968, she also had a one-night extramarital affair with Christiaan Barnard, a South African doctor and pioneer in heart transplant surgery. [Sure, this seems about right. I can’t remember where I originally read about this dude but I’ve come across him on my deep dives before because he was sort of glamorous and terrible and ended up marrying a VERY young American heiress at some point. -J]

In October 2006, at age 79, she announced to Spain’s ¡Hola! magazine her engagement to a 45-year-old Spanish businessman, Javier Rigau y Rafols. They had met at a party in Monte Carlo in 1984 and had since become companions.The engagement was called off on 6 December 2006, reportedly because of the strain of intense media interest. [I mean, sure! Who doesn’t get engaged to someone thirty-some odd years younger than them after meeting them in Monte Carlo and then immediately realize this was an error? -J]

In January 2013, she started legal action against Javier Rigau y Rafols, claiming that her ex-boyfriend had staged a secret ceremony in which he “married” an imposter pretending to be her at a registry office in Barcelona. [WHAT!!!! – J] She said he intended to lay claim to her estate after her death. Lollobrigida accused Rigau of fraud, saying that he had earlier obtained the legal right to act on her behalf with a power of attorney, and carried out the plot to get extra power. [!!!!! – J] “A while ago he convinced me to give him my power of attorney. He needed it for some legal affairs. But instead I fear that he took advantage of the fact that I don’t understand Spanish … Who knows what he had me sign.” In March 2017, she lost her court action, but has said she will appeal. [Don’t sign shit you can’t read!!!!! – J]

Now retired, Lollobrigida has not made a film since 1997. She told PARADE in April 2000: “I studied painting and sculpting at school and became an actress by mistake … I’ve had many lovers and still have romances. I am very spoiled. All my life, I’ve had too many admirers.” She now divides her time between her house on Via Appia Antica in Rome and a villa in Monte Carlo. [Good for her! – J]

Since 2009, Lollobrigida has not allowed visitors to her home. [The dream! – J]

In 2013, Lollobrigida sold her jewelry collection through Sotheby’s. She donated nearly $5 million to benefit stem-cell therapy.

Lollobrigida has a habit of referring to herself in the third person.

That kicker! Fantastic. Jessica loves it.

(Photo by Clive Limpkin/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)