One of the only good things about this pandemic is that I get to spend a lot of time looking at celebrities looking very cute in times of yore. How charming does Lena Horne look here? VERY.

Informative Caption gives us the background:

Sporting her own version of the “trouser suit,” the big news from the Paris fashion collections, singer Lena Horne strolls through London’s Park Lane section September 8th. Her striking outfit consists of light brown cavalry twill trousers teamed with an almost matching suede jacket and jaunty cloth cap. She’s in the British capitol for a night spot engagement.

Lena Horne Strolling in Pant Suit

This is truly so cute — she looks fifteen seconds away from throwing that hat up in the air with glee — and also literally a suit that a person could keep for her entire life. You could take that coat out today and wear it. (Well, not literally¬†today, at least not here in Los Angeles, which is both incredibly hot AND on fire, but you know what I mean. Maybe in Denver, where I believe…it is snowing. It’s a stylish coat for an unpredictable planet, let’s put it that way.)

(Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)