If you’ve escaped the Don’t Worry Darling stuff so far, you could start here and here and you’ll have most of the story. Florence Pugh is now back shooting Dune II, evidently having established long ago that Venice would be the only press she’d do; I assume Harry Styles’s ongoing tour precludes him showing up, which, much like with Florence, might be a convenient excuse or might be a genuine conflict, or both. If reviews had been better, would the studio have sent Gemma Chan or Chris Pine to this? Unclear. But the net effect is that Olivia Wilde is at the San Sebastian Film Festival by herself, and honestly? She seems quite fine with that. Frankly, I would imagine it’s a lot easier. There’s no other body language to analyze, because there are no other bodies. The chance of wayward castmate spittle, real or imagined, is nil. And a week of distance from Venice means that the gossip cycle has gone around the block a few other times. Florence and/or Harry being present here would spark up that whole thing anew, and who needs that? Well, the box office might, I suppose. The movie premieres this coming Friday, presumably with a Stateside premiere in between. There may be more plot to thicken.

For now, though, we have the above Kwaidan Editions dress (which IS a dress; I just accidentally picked a photo where it looks like it could be a jumpsuit). By the way, I encourage you to read the About page on that designer’s website, because it is quite the tossed word salad. Among other insights: It’s named after an occult movie by Kobayashi, and it “reinterprets ghosts of the past to express the uncanny present.” I am not sure how this fits into whatever all of those words, or WRODS, meant; I am not totally sure that a turtleneck tube dress that also harnesses your thumbs counts as “unencumbered.” But she IS unencumbered by colleagues she may or may not like, and it IS mysterious how she’s pulling off the riotous ’70s-era pattern so well. So there you go. It’s noisy and I kind of like it on her.

She switched to a glittery Valentino for the actual screening:

'Don't Worry Darling' premiere, 70th San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain - 17 Sep 2022

It’s also pretty good. Certainly the color is wonderful. But I think the very very narrow cut of the top ends up making the dress look slightly drop-waisted, in ways a traditional halter does not? Is that what I’m bumping on here? Whatever it is, I don’t think this needed to live quite so much on the edge. If for no other reason than : Olivia has enough to worry about, darling.

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