When I first downloaded this outfit, I thought, “OH GIRL, NO. You are NOT a piece of walking pop art.” But then it sucked me into its orbit. I started thinking, “Actually, those pants are wacky in a way I respect. With a plain white shirt, I could get into this.” And then I got up and left my laptop and came back ten minutes later, and thought, “Actually this whole thing might be so loud that it’s perfect.” The pants could live without the shirt, I think, but the shirt would definitely be too Gordon Gartrell without the pants. It needs them to survive, and she’s giving them a pretty good shot at life. It’s a nice enough change from jean shorts that look like diapers and thigh-high boots and bras and whatever other nonsense we often see in candids, so I might, gulp, like it. It’s nice to know that in my advanced, haggy age, I can still shock the hell out of myself — or, that I’m increasingly susceptible to brainwashing.


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