Please just allow me to summarize. Rita Ora — already planning ahead for next year’s Fug Madness, like the pro that she is! — is wearing:

  1. A denim duster.
  2. A denim shirt that is long enough to poke out from beneath the hem of her…
  3. … denim mini.
  4. What appear to be denim socks
  5. And, finally, boots that are made of scrunched down jean-legs, pocket facing outward. I mean, are they boots? She might be wearing jean-leg leg-warmers over denim shoes. It’s denim Inception up in here. Denimception!

I just hope she’s getting a massive check for this from the American Denim Council for Jeans and Jean-Associated Accessories, because this is someĀ marketing.

[Photo: Michael Simon/]
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