Ah, as regular as leaves turning and the pumpkin latte returning, nothing marks the change of the seasons like the Project Runway finale, which is, believe it or not, tonight. As is our wont, we laid odds on which of the three finalists is most likely to walk away with the whole enchilada — and this is the place in this post where we’d normally give you a sneak peek at what we wrote, but if you haven’t looked at the collections yet, the whole thing is SPOILER-Y, so we’ll spare you. If, on the other hand, you have looked at what the finalists sent down the runway in September — or don’t care! And live on the edge! — please pop over to The Cut and read all about it.

We’ll also be writing a post-show wrap-up for the Cut, so tomorrow we can chat about whether or not Heather and I have continued our hot streak of picking the winners — three in a row, so far! So….yeah, we’re probably due for a loss — or if it’s time for us to pick up our Runway chips and head back to our rooms for the night.