First of all, can we talk about the name of this owl movie? Surely it’s based on a book, as no one would just come up with Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, like, in the shower whilst waiting for the conditioner to take and reflecting on catchy owl-movie titles. Heather keeps referring to it as Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Jeff Gillooly
- which is obviously the Lifetime movie in which Tonya Harding husband/knee-violator Jeff Gillooly goes after her figure-skating rivals with a flock of angry birds.

Second, here’s Jena Malone:

Premiere Of

Can we also just talk about how we — as I assume you experienced this as well — were all minding our own business watching the Keira K Pride and Prejudice and thinking about how much we miss Colin Firth (even though WhatsHisNuts was pretty good) and then JENA MALONE popped up as a Bennet sister and we were all, “how the hell did Jena Malone end up in this movie? Um, good for her?”

And now, can we finally talk about her outfit? The tied-above-the-navel shirt is terribly twee in a Dirty Dancing kind of way, I think, but she’s so cute with her curtsy that I don’t think I have the heart to put her in the corner for it.

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