We need to do a fugtrospective on Niecy here, because I have a sneaking suspicion it’d be 95 percent photos of her wearing stuff that’s cut INSANELY flatteringly to her body, in a variety of good colors and fabrics and with great lipstick. Even this one, which is not a grab-you-by-the-throat hue, is super on her because it’s a perfect warm neutral: present, defining her mouth rather than trying to erase it, but not trying to steal the rest of the thunder. She looks confident and stunning, and not for nothing, I bet she’d be a very entertaining seatmate — taking turns with you to get more drinks, gossiping about people she thinks are smug or simpering, and texting you even from the adjacent seat when there’s someone you need to stare at but she can’t tell you or nudge you without being noticed. Niecy, your seat at Drinks With Broads has been permanently reserved. Bring your cosmetics case.

[Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock]